Your Body, Your Baby...Your Birth!

Sacred Mother Doula Service and Infant MassageWhen looking for a doula, or any type of labor and delivery support, it is important to make sure that person or people share, or at the very least can “accept and appreciate” your ideas and decisions for birth. It is often misunderstood that doulas by profession only serve those that choose to deliver “naturally”. Working at the Birthing Center in Simi Valley, I work with women who chose a “natural” birth, however, I have my own outside clients that deliver in the hospital as well, that don’t share that same preference. Although it is undisputed that any woman can and will benefit from having a doula, it is my opinion that the women delivering in the hospitals are the mothers that need a doula the most. Generally speaking, considering the absence of the doctor until right before the delivery in most cases, the California nursing shortage, and the overall infrastructure of hospital policies and procedures for labor and delivery, I think a doula is often most needed in this environment. My overall philosophy is that your birthing experience is yours and yours alone. There are no “do-overs”. it is pretty much a one shot deal. It is important to do what you have to do to make it an intimate, meaningful, and as pleasant as possible experience (which is VERY possible!). It is important to have fond memories of your birth, and whatever it takes to reach that goal, should be done. I am not against the use of epidurals if the mother needs pain management, I do however, feel strongly that you need to be well educated on the use of all labor narcotics and epidurals so that you can make a well thought out and “informed” decision. I take on that responsibility as your doula. I am committed to you and your partner, to educate you on all aspects of pregnancy, birthing, labor, and delivery, as well as to support your decisions, regardless of what they are. The main objective is to deliver a happy, healthy baby, and whatever it takes to make sure that happens is what I advocate for. After all, it is your body, your baby, and your birth!


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